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Collaboration with ERIAC

Gabe has been working with the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) this summer to coordinate their new music initiative, which features a concert of Sinti and Roma and American jazz an interview series entitled, The Cultural Roots of Sinti and Roma Jazz. The series illustrates the important role of jazz as an oral tradition in Sinti and Roma communities. It also highlights Sinti and Roma teaching methods and their unique philosophical perspectives about jazz. Gabriel Condon is a DAAD scholar and doctoral student-researcher at the University of Michigan, who conducted the interviews and will be sharing them on the ROMAMoMA blog Support is provided by ERIAC; the German Academic Exchange (DAAD); and the University of Michigan International Institute, the Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia, and the School of Music Theater and Dance EXCEL Enterprise Fund.

This interview features Tschavolo Carlito Vlasák and Carlos Kaja Vlasák, interviewed at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Hildesheim, Germany. Visit the video on YouTube and read the description for more information about these artists.


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