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RELEASE DATE: June, 2015

PERSONEL: Gabe Condon; guitars and vocals; Bill Dobbins, piano; Mike DiMartino, trumpet; Mike Melito, drums; Danny Ziemann, bass; and special guest Phil Keaggy, guitar and vocals.



This music is dedicated to my wife, Clarissa.  When you listen to this album, you'll hear a story of how love begins with a spark and then grows, changes, matures, faces challenges, and ultimately triumphs over these challenges.


It has been my great pleasure to work with the fantiastic musicians and engineers involved in this project.  I learn so much from them as they push me to become a better musiscian, and I am greatly indebted to their contribution to this project.  It was a special thrill to have my guitar idol, Phil Keaggy record on the track, Everyday I Have the Blues.  His creative ability continues to inspire and amaze me - You never know what he might do next!


Gabe would also like to thank several very speical people: Clarissa, my parents and all of my family for their constant love and support. My teachers, especially Bob Sneider and Bill Dobbins for all they have give me during my years at the Eastman School of Music. 


Please enjoy our music

Thank you for your listening ears and support.




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